Below are my personal resources as well as some external sites I consider helpful.

Please NOTE: Referencing does not mean I fully agree or support the views on the external sites. It just means I have found some useful information that I think will be beneficial to others. I am a member of the Trinitarian Bible Society.

My Site

Psalms for Weary Christians
My Personal Worship

External Resources

– Non-Fiction Books –

New-Covenant Hymns by David H.J. Gay

– Fiction Books –

C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
The Chiveis Trilogy
The Last Shadar

– Bible Software –

Bible Analyzer

– Music I Like –

Note: Some of these recommendations do go secular in their offerings. I am focusing on their hymns and not their other works. I plan on making a playlist at some point to share with others.
Sing the KJV
Taryn Harbridge Music
Anthem Lights - Hymns
Vocal Point
Celtic Worship

– Additional Resources –

Blackletter AV (KJV) Bible
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
AV (KJV) Bible Dictionary
Textus Receptus
Answers in Genesis

AV Bible Resources –

Trinitarian Bible Society
KJV Today
Brand Plucked
Chick Tracts Bible Versions
KJV Translators


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