I just finished the first book in an upcoming series called The Last Shadar The Tribulations of Eloria Book 1 by Dan Rendell. After taking time to gather my thoughts I decided to write about my experience.


From the get go this was a great read. I love the Christian worldview and the author melds it together well in the fantasy realm of Eloria. After the first few chapters in, you become invested in Jack who is the main character. He is relatable and easy to root for. As you read through the book you see his struggles with himself as well as with this new world around him. And towards the end, his character growth is felt and even makes you within yourself reflect on the world we live in. When a book can even make the reader reflect on his/hers own desire’s and values, it was reading time well spent.

The World

The world building is great and reminds me much of a mix of Tolkien and Lewis but with the author’s own added flare. I honestly more prefer his world building, but I could be biased as a Christian. Made me invest in the world(s) described in the book. I can easily picture the Sapphire City and Mugglegruffs cabin (which is one of my favorite places).The book comes with pictures that helps the reader feel what the author had in mind. I know there is a map of Eloria that is in the style of Tolkien that can be downloaded for free. Even tobacco tin stickers can be accessed for free! These added touches just enhance the experience.


The story was well paced and didn’t feel it lingered too long. There are well structure introductions to new areas without over burdening you with unneeded details. There is a battle scene that I really liked as it was long enough without over staying. The ending was great and did make me feel the emotions I believe the author felt writing it. And more than anything made me excited for the next installment.


You can tell the writer pulls from different writers of old and yet still brings something new to the table. The characters are fleshed out. The world is typical of your high fantasy yet has a unique combinations of the genre and Christianity. That combo builds a lore that is unique yet tugs at the worldview of the Christian. And with that can even allow an unbeliever to enjoy the story. It might even influence them to dig deeper and find that absolute Truth of Christ. Overall, I highly recommend it!

A. T. Sully

the Last Shadar (the Tribulations of Eloria Book 1) Book Coverthe Last Shadar (the Tribulations of Eloria Book 1) Book Coverthe Last Shadar by Dan Rendell
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