Goals for the year of 2024

  • Be more active. Do pilates 30 minutes a day. Either Morning or Night depending on the day’s schedule.
  • More Bible Reading and Studying
  • Slower reading
  • More Contemplation, Prayer, and Memorization
    • Keep a routine of doing it Morning, Noon, and Night
    • Morning: Read 10 chapters with Prayer and Contemplation
    • Noon: Pray and repeat verses being memorized for the week
    • Night: Read 10 Chapters with Prayer and Contemplation
  • Less Spending
    • Pay off the rest of my debt minus my home
    • Do a no unplanned buy year (No impulse shopping)
    • More streamlined closet (Already have but make sure to keep it that way. I am working on a 33 item closet at the moment)
  • More Giving
    • Goal of paying off debt is to take that extra income and give it to the least fortunate and the needy in the Church or Ministries that carry this mission out.
  • More simplicity in my life.
    • Be way more focused on eternal treasures rather than earthly
    • Practice more self awareness of not trying to accumulate more physical wealth than needed
    • Live more slowly and be more present with my family
    • Less on my social apps
    • More reading
    • Less watching of videos (Youtube, Lectures, etc) and more listening via audio if needed
  • More Writing
    • More blog posts
      • Work on a more consistent publishing schedule
    • Continue to write the books I am working on
  • Podcasting
    • Work on polishing my audio skills so I am more confident in publishing

A. T. Sully

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January 1, 2024

Prayer, Poetry, and Ponderings from a Christian Writer.

The Crucified King will be returning.

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