How I WriteMy writing workflow is fairly simple. I start out generally writing it down in my physical journal (if the idea comes up in my devotions or I am at December 5, 2022 ramblings

The GraveO Death that will take thee, Without care or woe. Cold grip without mercy, Brings even the high low. No bribe or threat persuades, Cold hand still October 10, 2022 poetry 1Corinthians15

Favorite Bible SocietyTrinitarian Bible Society is one of the best Bible Societies that I know of. They adhere to the Traditional Text and faithfully translate into all June 28, 2022 tbs

A Late LifeModern life is filled with distractions, time takers, and all sorts of disheveled drudgery. There is no time for peace and silence. Yet, I pause to June 28, 2022 essay minimalism simplicity

What is the Trinity or GodheadThere are many explanations out there on the internet for the Trinity or Godhead. Some helpful and some not so helpful… I hope to somewhat simplify May 16, 2021 Godhead/Trinity theology

KJV Sovereign Collection Bible ReviewThe Size is nice. It is your standard Personal Sized Bible that is slightly thicker but I like Bibles with some heft to them. It is easy to carry February 19, 2021 Bible review

Prayer, Poetry, and Ponderings from a Christian Writer.

The Risen Crucified King will be returning.

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