I use the Tombow 2B 8900 General Writing Pencil for writing in my Bible.

There are a lot of posts on other blogs and websites on what the best write utensil is. And many default to some type of pen and they generally land on the Pigma Micron Pens. And there is a reason. These pens are very well made and work wonderfully on Bible paper. There is a problem though. That problem is that I am one of the few that don’t like pens. I prefer pencils.

Why A Pencil?

I prefer pencils over pens. Why? Main reason is I don’t like mistakes in my Bible and pens don’t let you reset” to square one. Pencils do. I also like the look words written in pencil which puts me as one of the few with that opinion. I will admit that I don’t prefer light colored lead but the dark. 2B is where I start and pretty much stop. It is dark enough and smooth with writing. That is where the Tombow 2B 8900 General Writing Pencils come in. They are very dark for a 2B and yet don’t smudge as bad as other brands. And that smoooth writing experience makes it even better!

When combined with Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers it is the ultimate writing utensil. This choice of eraser easily removes the 2B lead and doesn’t harm the paper. Show through is not bad either. You can see a little but no more than the printed text does.

They do last for a bit but if you do a lot of drawing or diagrams then you can use one up pretty quickly. I generally use about 1 every 3 weeks or so. Which means 1 box lasts me about 36 weeks. So over half the year. Granted I do draw diagrams a lot in my notebooks.

A box of 12 pencils will run you about $8 - $10 dollars but it is worth it.

A. T. Sully

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