A review of the Westminster Reference Bible.

There have been many reviews on this Bible but thought I would add in my two cents. So here is a simple review the TBS Westminster Reference Bible.

What is the TBS Westminster Reference Bible?

General Info and Features

The TBS Westminster Reference Bible is a newer edition of the Authorized Version. It was published in 2012 for the 400th Anniversary of the AV publishing. I would call if fitting consider how TBS has honored the legacy of the AV.

It has 200,000 cross references from the Concord and the Self Interpreting Bible. The margins also contain the translator’s notes and a dictionary defining archaic words. An example of this is the work quick in Heb 4.12 which means alive and not speed as we take it now. The text of Scripture is a 9.6 font serif. The margins look like a 6/7 point font in a bold sans.

It is verse by verse and has chapter headings rather than separating the text as most modern publishers. The headings are very well put together and hold to a conservative understanding of Scripture. The Bible itself shows the reverence of Scripture that TBS has for the Word of God. The first 3 pages references Ps 119.18, Ps 19.7-11, 2 Tim 3.16-17. This in itself shows the purity and perfection of Scripture. The Old Testament shows the centrality of Christ. They put The Old Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” . I love it!

In the beginning of the Bible they show how the AV is setup and the differences between the Thees and the Thous as well as Lord vs LORD. Very helpful insights. In the back there is a Concordance and a Table of Weights and Measures. Then 30 blank pages for notes followed by some Maps. I love the maps as they are the first publisher I have seen that actually shows a Red Sea” crossing. (I believe it is still in the wrong place but at least they show them crossing a sea.)

Binding and Paper

The binding is wonderful and I love the paper. Creamy but not too over blown. Super smooth and premium feeling. The leather is wonderful (if you get the calfskin) but it is a paste down liner. I love their hardbacks as well since it is the exact same paper and everything. Just a hardback rather than calfskin and only $20 USD.

It handles writing very well. I use Tombow 2B pencils and man does it take it well. Even erasing with a hi-polymer eraser it holds up. There is plenty of margin to add little notes or additional references.

Who is it good for?

This Bible is great for anyone. From the teacher to personal study, this Bible is a good all around Bible. When reading the archaic definitions are there in the margin so you don’t have to jump to the back or grab that dictionary. It keeps the reading smooth and focused.

It also comes in 3 styles. A compact edition, regular” edition, and large print edition. The only difference is the compact and large print are missing the Concordance and Translators to the Readers. Also, the paper is slightly different considering they are printed by Printcorp instead of Jongbloed. Everything else including the pagination is exactly the same.

This in my opinion is truly one of the best Bibles to get. It has everything you need to get started with deep personal study. All that is missing is The Treasure of Scripture Knowledge, an Analytical Concordance, and Nave’s Topical Bible.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen. 2 Corinthians 13:14

A. T. Sully

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