Welcome to an aspiring Christian Writer’s Personal Website about Faith, Some Poetic Musings, and Simple Living.

One of the main things in my life I keep contemplating is that in this life we are on a journey to that Holy Land where Christ is King. (Hebrews 11:12-16) This fleeting life is just a short journey to a destination. Either into the Blessed Realm or to the Valley of Eternal Death. With that in mind I hope to encourage others who follow our Lord and Saviour as well as preach Him Who was crucified to save those that are lost.

If you want to know what the Gospel is click here. You can read my blog posts here.

Photo of me and my wifePhoto of me and my wife

What can you expect to find on this website?

The focus will be on preaching Christ as well as writing about the Christian walk. I will keep it Christ-centered and hope to bring glory to our Saviour and King as well as help those along the way.

I plan on writing about the follow…

  • A Christian’s personal walk
  • Poetry and Ramblings
  • Theological writings
  • Culture and news

For the Christian walk I will just write about life, that race that is set before us ( Hebrews 12:1-2 ). From the mundane to the everyday, I plan to cover a variety of topics. Hopefully it will help those who are struggling in this cursed world.

On Poetry and Ramblings, it will be just jotting down thoughts along with some poetic musings. I am not the best but it is a hobby of mine.

With the theological writings, it will be based of course on the Bible. I hope to be a good Berean and rightly divide the Word of Truth . I believe every aspect of life can be navigated using the Word of God and hope to reflect that as I write.

As for the culture and news articles, I hope to cover different stories from the mainstream media (If it holds interest). Then, compare them with the Christian perspective. These will be summaries with a plan to keep them under 2 paragraphs or 2 minutes (This might change later depending on how much I need to write to clarify the point I am trying to make). There are plenty of other sites/podcasts that go into detail. I wanted to make them bite sized” to make consuming the content easier.

When do I plan to post?

When I get the time and find a topic that interests me. The problem is that I will get started on a topic and that will lead into another topic which chains into another topic which links back to a previous topic… I think you get the idea.

Photo by Suzy HazelwoodPhoto by Suzy Hazelwood

I hope you enjoy this site and above all I hope it brings glory to our Lord and Saviour.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen. 2 Corinthians 13:14

A. T. Sully

A bullet point summary of who I am…..

  • I am simply just a Christian desiring to bring glory to the Lord.

  • Like most I went through some rough times in my life that humbled me and God in His abundant mercy lit my path so I would not stray.

  • I am married to a wonderful woman and have several amazing children.

  • My current work is in an IT/Programming field but also by God’s grace working in His ministry wherever He leads me. Colossians 3:23 Proverbs 13:4

  • I could be what some people would call a minimalist” with the exception of books I like my books’. The goal is to not obtain any unneeded items (but I do err at times) but continue to strive to keep my focus on heavenly things and not on the things of this earth. (Luke 12:13-21) I do plan on writing more about Christian Minimalism and the how it relates to a Christian as Christ did preach on not accumulating wealth but rather being a giving person. (Matthew 6:21)

  • I use the Authorized (King James) Bible and I am a TR advocate. I hold to the AV as the best English Translation we have today and that it is faithful and translation of the originals.

  • I am a big note taker. My choice of writing utensils are Tombow Pencils. Mistakes in my Bible or Notes in general drive me crazy and my mind has been changed before on what I thought on a particular passage. I do follow the Jonathan Edward’s miscellanies style of note taking so my Bible is not cluttered. I will cover this in an upcoming post.

  • What binding/text block do I prefer? I currently use the Westminster Reference Bible. I don’t like commentaries in my Bible. With no commentary and all those references, it allows Scripture to interpret Scripture. It does miss some references I feel but it sure does nail the top 80%.

That sums up who I am. I genuinely believe that our life on this earth should be devoted to Christ and Him alone.

Here is a list of hobbies and interesting facts for those interested:

  • I like rebinding Bibles and old books (Mostly Bibles).

  • I love studying anything to do with Christian Theology.

  • I try to learn older languages (and some modern ones).

  • Starting to learn musical instruments (Currently on the dulcimer and aspiring to learn the fiddle).

  • Grilling in my backyard while I watch my kids enjoy their childhood.

  • I have backyard chickens and spend too much time watching song birds at my feeders.

  • Writing (When the subject interests me).

  • Listening to Podcasts: Preaching, Apologetics, Minimalism, etc. (I guess that could be considered under Theology). As well as self improvement podcasts (minimalism, simple living, budgeting, etc).

  • I have been dubbed a Theology Nerd.

  • I love reading poetry more specifically works with a lot of Christian symbolism.

― ♰ ―

Have questions or want to have a discussion?

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Please do not feel any obligation. If you do however feel led to give a monetary donation, please make sure to only send that which is within your means. I am humbled by all support.

Above all, I covet your prayers most. Please pray that my strength in Christ remains steady and true. And that my work would always bring glory to Him and the Faith He set forth.

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