Here are a list of Psalms for different occasions for weary pilgrims.

Occasion / Prayer Psalm
Morning Prayer 3
Evening Prayer 4
Protection from the Wicked 5
Mercy from Time of Trouble 6
Thanksgiving for God’s Justice 9
Overthrow of the Wicked 10
Help in Trouble 13
Protection Against Opressors 17
Victory Over Enemies 20
Deliverance 21
Protection, Guidance, Pardon 25
Fearless Trust in God 27
Help and Praise for an Answer 28
Thanksgiving for Deliverance from Death 30
Praise in Trials 31
Prayer for Rescue 35
Suffering Penitent 38
Thirst for God 42
Sinner’s Prayer for Pardon 51
Prayer for Rescue 57
Prayer for Help 70
Old Man’s Prayer for Deliverance 71
Supplication and Trust 86
Praise for the Lord’s Goodness 92
Psalm of Praise 100
Praise for Mercy 103
Psalm of God’s Goodness 111
Thanksgiving for Deliverance from Death 116
Psalm of Praise 117
Psalm for the Lord’s Help 124
God’s Omnipresence and Omnisciences 139
Psalm of Praise 148
Pslam of Praise 150

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January 22, 2023

Prayer, Poetry, and Ponderings from a Christian Writer.

The Crucified King will be returning.

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